Use CITYkeys demo tool to test smart cities solutions implemented in your city or through your project

CITYkeys provides a validated, holistic performance measurement framework for monitoring and comparing the implementation of Smart City solutions, with the objective of speeding up the transition to low carbon, resource-efficient cities.


CITYkeys developed a demo tool for cities and projects to test smart city solutions locally implemented. The research prototype can be accessed at


To use it, use the following credentials: username: demo - password: demo.


Should you need any support, or wish to send us your comments and feedbacks, do not hesitate to contact members of our team: Aapo Huovila (VTT) at or Nikolaos Kontinakis (EUROCITIES) at


To guide you in the use of this tool, CITYkeys has published two handbooks:

Are you already acquainted with the CITYkeys project, and seeking to go deeper into details? All our deliverables are available for download at