Citykeys: guidelines to measure our progress to a smarter future - by Daniel Sarasa

This article is meant to be a quick guidelines into some of the project results, but it also contains personal reflections, in the form of a logbook, on the ample subjects covered by the project. [Daniel Sarasa is Smart City Program Manager for the City of Zaragoza; and an active partner of the CITYkeys project.]


Use CITYkeys demo tool to test smart cities solutions implemented in your city or through your project

CITYkeys provides a validated, holistic performance measurement framework for monitoring and comparing the implementation of Smart City solutions, with the objective of speeding up the transition to low carbon, resource-efficient cities.


CITYkeys delivers final Handbook for Cities on Performance Measurement

CITYkeys new handbook explains why a city should have a performance measurement framework and process in place. It introduces CITYkeys work towards building the first framework with a specific European approach treating 'smart city' objectives and projects in a holistic, yet flexible, manner.